Love 30

The Love 30 Campaign calls on all Local Authorities to introduce more 30km/h zones in urban areas, but particularly in town centres, residential estates, and in the vicinity of schools and places of public assembly. And we call on Dublin City Council to introduce a default 30km/h limit within the canals.

If you would like to be part of the Love 30 campaign or you would like more information about the campaign, reach us on twitter or facebook and/or by email here.

There is overwhelming evidence that lower speed limits make streets safer and more pleasant places for children and adults to live, socialise, work and play. When parents and children can walk and cycle in their neighbourhood, families benefit from healthier children, less stress and more money in their pockets. Road Safety Authority statistics shows how lower speeds dramatically reduce the number of people killed in collisions. They also reduce the severity of injury in any collisions that occur.