Dublin City Council Loving 30 Proposals March 2021

Following the Dublin City Council Workshop Loving 30 the council has unveiled its plans to extend 30 km/h speed limits to all roads in the city except those listed in the bye-laws. Details of the proposals and maps are available here Dublin City Council Loving 30. Love 30 strongly supports the proposals which will make Dublin city centre a safer, quieter place for everyone who lives or visits the area, especially vulnerable road users, including children, pedestrians and cyclists. And we welcome that the proposals include streets such as Cork Street, Dolphins Barn Street and Crumlin Road that were previously omitted from the plans.

The proposals are being discussed with councillors at local area committees in early March 2021, and councillors have been asked to provide feedback by 23rd March 2021. We urge you to contact your councillors to ask them to support these proposals!

The draft proposal for Speed Limit Bye-Laws 2021 will be presented at the Full Council Meeting on 10 May 2021. There will be further opportunities for citizens to provide feedback during the public consultation phase. See timeline below.

  1. Monday 29th of March 2021 to Friday 9th April - Non-Statutory Public Consultation
  2. Monday 7th of June to the Monday 19th of July 2021 - Statutory Public Consultation

With the approval of the Councillors on the Special Speed Limit Bye-Laws, 2021 the council's Road Safety Section will carry out the implementation of signage starting on December 2021.