Love30 Submission on Speed Limits in Dublin City 2019

Love30 has made a submission to Dublin City Council Special Speed Limit Bye-Laws Review 2019

Love 30 commends Dublin City Council for its proposal to extend 30 km/h speed limits to all residential areas, especially as this can be seen to give a lead to Local Authorities throughout the State, but we are disappointed that there are no proposals to reduce 50 and 60 km/h speed limit on arterial roads or to increase the number of periodic 30km/h limits outside schools.

See details here.

Survey on Cycling and 30 km/h Speed Limits

The Love 30 Campaign group is doing a survey to find out the impact of 30 km/h speed limits on cycling patterns. Do more people cycle as a result of lower speed limits? And does it lead to greater diversity among those who cycle? The results of the survey will be presented at Velo-City, the premier international planning conferences on cycling, which takes place from 25-28 June 2019 in Dublin.

If you live in Dublin, regardless of whether you are a cyclist or not, please fill in the Cycling and 30km/h Speed Limits Survey, by Friday 31 May. The survey is anonymous and takes less than 5 minutes to complete.

May 2018: This week, we saw support from politicians across the political spectrum for the UN’s Global Road Safety Week, coordinated by campaign group Love 30.
Transport Minister Shane Ross (2nd from right) and TD Gino Kenny (2nd from left) show their support for slower speeds

The politicians’ willingness to support the call to ‘Save Lives #SlowDown’ was a welcome gesture; we are hopeful that this core group of supporting TDs (Members of Parliament) and Senators will continue to grow, recognising the needs of local communities and young children to have a safe environment in which to grow up.

Garda with speed gun and Love 30 signs

Throughout the week, we have been asking drivers to take the pledge and act to Save Lives #SlowDown. Together with our Garda Traffic Corps, we are carrying out extra speed checks right through the week in locations where cyclists have reported excessive speeding. Local communities have welcomed this initiative and indicated how happy they are to see these actions being taken to make their neighbourhoods safer.

Scoil Mobhi flying the flag for Love 30

We also got schoolchildren involved, asking pupils from a number of schools on Dublin’s northside to support the pledge to get drivers to slow down.

Love 30 ( is a coalition of cycling, pedestrian, children’s and community groups here in Ireland campaigning for lower speed limits to make our towns and cities safer and more pleasant places to live, work and play. Dublin Cycling Campaign members are active in this coalition. Both Love30 and Dublin Cycling Campaign welcomed the support of the Garda Traffic Corps in highlighting the effects of excessive speed.

Dublin City has recently introduced widespread 30kph speed limits, and this week’s campaign highlighted the need to remind drivers to protect vulnerable road users, particularly older and younger people, by adhering to posted speed limits.

Why not go online now at and Sign the Pledge to Make a Difference and Save Lives #SlowDown!

Slow down!

Love 30 held a launch on May 8th of the UN's Global Road Safety Week, bringing together the Road Safety Authority, the Garda Traffic Corps and campaigners to support the UN's call to 'Save Lives #SlowDown'.

Signs ready for the UN Road Safety Week launch
The Garda Traffic Corps were in attendance.
Love 30/ UN Road Safety Week - launch with Road Safety Authority, Garda Traffic Corps, Duncan Stewart and Love 30 team.

If you would like to be part of the Love 30 campaign or you would like more information about the campaign, reach us on twitter or facebook and/or by email here.