Love 30 Submission on County Galway Speed Limit Bye-Laws

The Love 30 campaign has made the attached submission to Galway County Council on the Draft Speed Limit Bye-Laws for Housing Estate Slow Zones.

The Love 30 Campaign strongly welcomes the proposals by Galway County Council to reduce speed limits in several residential estates.

However, we are disappointed at the limited number of residential estates in which 30 km/h speed limits will apply and that there are no proposals to introduce 30 km/h speed limits in the town and village centres, other residential roads, or outside schools. Further, we are disappointed that there have been no proposals to reduce speed limits or introduce traffic calming in bypassed towns and villages.

Love 30 recommends that the combined bye-laws be amended as follows:

  1. 30 km/h should be the default urban speed limit in all urban areas throughout Galway County, with exceptions for specific roads.
  2. 30 km/h should be introduced in all residential estates, other residential roads and the centres of towns and villages.
  3. Periodic 30 km/h zones should be implemented around all schools and other places of assembly (cinemas, theatres, community centres, religious buildings, etc.), that have large numbers of people arriving and / or departing at the same time.
  4. These speed limit changes should also apply to roads in new housing estates that have not yet been taken in charge.