Submission on Cork County Council Speed Limit Review

Love 30, the Campaign for 30 km/h Speed Limits, has made a submission to Cork County Council on the Pre-Draft Consultation Stage of its Speed Limit Review.

Love 30 wholeheartedly welcomes Cork County Council’s invitation to members of the public to submit proposals.

Love 30 recommends that 30 km/h should be the default urban speed limit in all built-up areas throughout Cork County, with exceptions for specific roads, as required by the Stockholm Declaration of February 2020.

Should it not prove feasible to introduce a default 30 km/h immediately, Love 30 recommends that 30 km/h speed limits be introduced in all residential estates & other residential roads, in town, village & other neighbourhood centres and that periodic 30 km/h zones be implemented around all schools and other places of assembly (cinemas, theatres, community centres, religious buildings, etc.), that have large numbers of people arriving and / or departing at the same time.

Our full submission is attached.