Submission on Meath County Council Speed Limit Review 2021

Love 30, the Campaign for 30 km/h Speed Limits, wholeheartedly welcomes Meath County Council’s proposals to increase the number of roads within the County to which a 30 km/h speed limit applies. However, we are disappointed that the proposals apply to some residential roads only.

Love 30 recommends that 30 km/h should be set as the default urban speed limit in all built-up areas throughout County Meath, with exceptions for specific roads, as required by the Stockholm Declaration of February 2020 co-signed by Ireland. 30 kph is the recognised safe vehicle speed where pedestrians, cyclists, and other vulnerable road users are mixing with vehicular traffic.

Should it not prove feasible to introduce a default 30 km/h immediately, Love 30 recommends that 30 km/h speed limits be introduced in all residential estates & other residential roads, in towns, villages & other neighbourhood centres, and that periodic 30 km/h zones be implemented around all schools and other places of assembly (cinemas, theatres, community centres, religious buildings, etc.), that have large numbers of people arriving and / or departing at the same time.

Love 30 is concerned that speed limits on some semi-rural and rural roads, particularly L roads, and on roads with “ribbon” development are excessive and recommend that they be reduced in a general speed limit review.

Our full submission is attached.