Submission on Bye-Laws for Croom Limerick

Love 30 made a submission to Limerick City and County Council in relation to Speed Limit Bye-laws for new roads in Croom County Limerick.

Love 30, the Campaign for 30 km/h Speed Limits, welcomes Limerick City and County Council’s proposals to apply 50 km/h speed limit on several roads in Croom. However, we are disappointed that a lower speed limit was not chosen in the vicinity of a school and the limited scope of the proposals.

Love 30 recommends that 30 km/h should be set as the default urban speed limit in all built-up areas throughout Limerick, with exceptions for specific roads, as required by the Stockholm Declaration of February 2020 co-signed by Ireland. 30 km/h is the recognised safe vehicle speed where pedestrians, cyclists, and other vulnerable road users are mixing with vehicular traffic.

Love 30 is concerned that speed limits on both urban (50 km/h on Gateway Park, Elm Park Drive, Caemore Court, Maxwells Lane and other laneways) and roads with “ribbon” development (60-80 km/h on L1419 and L14191 at side of cemetery) are excessively fast and recommend that they be reduced.

Our full submission is attached.